I was a musician before being an animator, that’s why I’ve continued creating music on different formats.

Frames and notes mix on my mind and most times I don’t know if I come up with image or music first.

Music for film

Across the sea – track 1
Across the sea – track 2
Noise of the world – credit song
Saïd´s journey – The flight
Saïd´s journey – Bzora el kha
Saïd´s journey – Credits
Tourbillon a Bamako – track 1
Tourbillon a Bamako – track 2
Tourbillon a Bamako – track 3
Wild geese

Personal projects

Soleá blues
Sad women music
Wooden princesses
A solo cello
Kathrin and the cricket

Sons of the golden moon

Persian dream
Dawn in Tehran